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“I know the author personally. He’s been a mentor, a teacher, a friend, a collaborator, and a partner in teaching me some of the elusive, lucrative secrets of marketing my business like a pro. I was hesitant at first — but no more. My bank account speaks to this loud and clear. My business is exploding. Rod Harter’s teachings have worked like a charm. The whole marketing ‘mindset’ that surrounds it, is very powerful.”

Howard Ingham Howard Ingham
Premiere Pulmonary Services

“If you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level, I cannot recommend Rod Harter’s copywriting talents enough. Rod is a top notch direct response marketer and copywriter. He’s knowledgeable, focused, and results-driven.

Most importantly, when taking on a copywriting project, he works with you as a consultant, really getting to the nitty-gritty of defining and understanding your prospective client, working to figure out what their ‘hot button’ might be, and getting them to respond and ‘raise their hand’. If you don’t get a response in your direct mail piece, it just doesn’t matter, and Rod is all about getting a response!!! Of the many marketing, consulting and copywriting experts out there who I pay attention to, Rod is – without a doubt – one of my favorites. I am proud to have him on my team as my ‘go-to’ copywriter!!”

“Hiring Rod is like having a trusted guide for your adventure... an adventure that leads to profits. When I first heard that direct- response copywriting is the foundation of any business message, I thought what many people probably think: It has to look ‘professional’. What I discovered through working with Rod is, it can look professional AND have a lot of personality and still perform like a world-class salesperson. In a world where anyone can claim to be a copywriter, Rod’s results speak for themselves.”

Jordan Salamone, Owner Jordan Salamone, Owner
Merchant Account Tampa

“Rod and his company, Specialty Marketing Consulting, have done wonders for my business. Their service and quality of work have exceeded my wildest expectations. Rod’s brilliant, ‘outside-the-box’, marketing strategies have been amazing. I no longer feel like I’m working alone in an isolation chamber. What a breath of fresh air.”

“My company, BGI Systems, hosts two big insurance events per year. We hired Rod Harter several years ago after experiencing disappointing results with our two previous copywriters. Rod’s done an outstanding job for us. He always meets our critical goals and deadlines and keeps us well informed throughout the writing process.”

“Great copywriters are proven because consumers vote with their money. That’s why people like Rod Harter are so rare and so valuable. If you enter the marketing jungle in search of riches, just be sure you walk with this man at your side.”

Brian L. Fricke, Owner & CFP® Brian L. Fricke, Owner & CFP®
Financial Management Concepts

“Rod Harter stands out because he gets results. Struggling entrepreneurs and business owners should give him a call. Rod always provides great ideas every time I consult with him. I believe people will be impressed with what he can do for their businesses.” ,

Jeffrey R. Prager, D.D.S. Jeffrey R. Prager, D.D.S.
Bellingham Smile and Sleep Center

Book 'Table of Contents'

  • Forward: Your Keys To Marketing Success

    “It’s hard to put into words how much the strategies of direct response marketing have influenced our business. It’s an incredible valuable.”  John B. Kelly, Partner/Co-Founder; Financial Centers Of America

  • Introduction: This Book Is Full Of Timeless Small Business Market Strategies

    Keep this book on the corner of your desk for easy access. Read it several times.  These are timeless marketing strategies used by top marketers for more almost a century.

  • Chapter 1: In The Beginning

    I remember my Dad telling me, every early in my youth. “…Son, whatever you end up doing with your life, make sure you find your way to “marketing.”  He always said “marketing” was the secret to business wealth, and he was right!

  • Chapter 2: Marketing -- Your BEST employee

    Marketing is the rocket fuel that runs your business. Whatever product or service you provide, you are NOT just the owner of your business — YOU MUST BE THE MARKETER of your business

  • Chapter 3: What Is 'Direct-Response' Marketing?

    Direct response marketing occurs when a business contacts their prospects, customers, and clients through any number of channels, following a strict formula of a “direct-response.” A specific “call to action.”

  • Chapter 4: The Sales Letter

    The inside strategies to write your own world-class sales letters. Like having a superstar sales person on your staff, building relationships, closing deals 24/7

  • Chapter 7: Newsletter Magic

    Discover the secret weapon that will do more for your business than any other form of marketing you can think of. Once you know the strategies to this gem you’ll be off to the races.

  • Chapter 8: Turning Features Into Benefits

    People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want quoter-inch holes.  Knowing how to turn features into benefits is a huge part of any marketing and advertising campaign.

  • Chapter 9: Raising The Bar

    Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur? Knowing the difference can be one of the most important strategies you’ll ever implement in your business.

Meet the Author

Rod Harter

Rod Harter is Founder/CEO of Specialty Marketing Consultants, direct marketing extraordinaire and host of the small business marketing podcast, Marketing You Can Do Right Now. For more than 15 years, Rod's marketing and consulting company has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with streetwise wisdom his clients swear by -- all the way to the bank.

Order Your Free Copy Of Rod's Book Now

Order Your Free Copy Of Rod Harter’s Book “Market The ‘Bleep’ Out Of It”

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